Ceramics & Civilisation

Nov 10, 2021 | History of Ceramics

Ceramics. They’re still current, contemporary and essential after 27 centuries, That’s right, ceramics have been adding value to our lives for twenty-seven thousand years!

In every culture, the clay vessel has been an essential part of everyday life. Used for storage, as an ornament, utility item, art object, jewellery or religious motif. Ceramic art becomes a family treasure, handed down through generations.

Ceramics are more permanent than paper and paint, conveying a more lasting record of our cultural evolution over time. Its popularity ebbs and flows with time and fashions. Still, national museums and art galleries proudly display ceramic art and artifacts as cultural markers of style and aesthetic sophistication.

Ceramics have matched the mood of many artistic movements: from Barque to Bauhaus, Art Deco to Art Nouveau, Classicism to Cubism, Rococo to Surrealism. And in the west, ceramics were essential parts of the Nineteenth Century arts and crafts movement and the studio ceramics movement of the 1950s in the UK.

And hence our name. The Studio Ceramics movement was a revolt against the industrialised perfection of machine-made ceramics. We are a proud part of that movement.

Our studio artists produce lovingly handmade works that bear the imprint of a creative soul. Each piece is unique, collectable: a lasting testament to one’s insight and judgment.



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